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SegSaddle LLC is no longer in business.

SegSaddle LLC is no longer providing warranty service.

The SegSaddle was a center mounted seating system for the i2 and x2 2nd generation Segway as manufactured by Segway LLC.

Development of the SegSaddle began during the summer of 2007. The company stopped manufacturing the SegSaddle at the end of 2013. The last unit was sold in March 2014. Warranty Service ended at the end of 2014. The company ceased business operations during 2014 and was
Terminated as a Texas LLC at the end of 2015.

Information about Segways and the SegSaddle

The Segway Personal Transporter as an Alternative Mobility
Device for People With Disabilities: A Pilot Study (2007)
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The Segway for People with Disabilities
Meeting Clients’ Mobility Goals (2009)
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The Unique Physics of the Segway PT
Balanced at All Times (2009)
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SegSaddle Manual v1.6 (Feb 2014)
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